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(#178) Alex: SuperAlex does not like your game

(1) ALEX: Do you want to play a game with SuperAlex? JANE: I call it 'fixing you so I don't get grounded.' (2) BRIAN: Jane! JANE: I did what I had to do. (3) ALEX: AlejandroEstupendo no tiene gusto de su juego. TRANSLATION: SuperAlex does not like your game. (4) BRIAN: Fascinating. JANE: No no no no no no no . . .

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(#175) Alex: I am SuperAlex

(1) JANE: Take a break from the TV. Let's play some ball. (2) BRIAN: Alex! Alex! Are you ok? (3) ALEX: Where's my cape? JANE: Your cape? (4) ALEX: I have to wear my cape. I'm SuperAlex. JANE: What?! What?! What?!

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(#179) Alex: SuperAlex wants you to argue somewhere else

(1) BRIAN: Why couldn't you be patient and wait for this to pass? JANE: I wanted to fix him before I got in trouble. BRIAN: That didn't work out too well, did it? JANE: Maybe hitting you would help! ALEX: AlejandroEstupendo quisiera que usted discutiera en alguna parte. TRANSLATION: SuperAlex wants you to argue somewhere else.

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(#176) Alex: SuperAlex watches the game

(1) ALEX: SuperAlex wants to watch the game with you. BRIAN: Sounds good. JANE: No no no no no no no . . . (2) BRIAN: Keep calm, Jane. Everything will be fine. JANE: How?! Alex thinks he's a superhero! (3) BRIAN: It's happened before. Just be patient and let it run its course. JANE: How long does that usually take? (4) BRIAN: It's never taken longer than a couple of months. JANE: No no no no no no no . . .

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(#7) Alex: Up, up, and away!

(1) ALEX: SuperAlex patrols the city, ready to protect his fellow action figures from cats, dogs, and any other dangers that might be lurking. (2) ALEX: SuperAlex knows the dangers of the city. He knows how important it is for someone to keep watch. JANE: Oh my God! Lisa, he's a freak! (3) ALEX: Wow, you guys are home early. LISA: We... forgot something. We'll just grab it & go. (4) ALEX: SuperAlex resumes his patrol, ever ready, ever vigilant. And after his patrol, he will hang a little bell on the front entry so he knows when his roommates come home.

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(#48) Jane: My snark is my umbrella

(1) BRIAN: How many cards, Alex? ALEX: SuperAlex takes three cards. JANE: Sounds like a bum hand, SuperAlex. I'll take one card, Brian. (2) BRIAN: Dealer takes one card. JANE: Okay, now we're in for some fun. Let's get some bets going. What do you want to do, SuperAlex? (3) [Brian and Alex stare at Jane.] (4) ALEX: Who is this girl, and what has she done with Jane? BRIAN: I sense a great disturbance in the Force.

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(#181) Alex: Where are my pants?

(1) ALEX: AlejandroEstupendo hara juegos malabares para usted. TRANSLATION: SuperAlex will juggle for you now. JANE: No, don't! (2) BRIAN: SuperAlex, are you okay? ALEX: Why are you calling me that? Where are my pants? (3) BRIAN: Glad you're back, Alex. JANE: I'll go find your pants. (4) ALEX: Yep, I taught Jane a lesson and it was totally worth it. BRIAN: What?! What?! What?!

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(#46) Jane: Are you kidding me?

(1) ALEX: SuperAlex raises. JANE: Are you kidding me with this?! How am I supposed to keep a poker face when you're acting like a freak?

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(#24) Alex: Happy holidays!

(1) ALEX: SuperAlex patrols the city, keeping everyone--and their presents--safe from harm. CAPTION: Happy Holidays! from Action Figure Diary

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(#157) Lisa: Jane's Halloween tribute

(1) LISA: Jane, it's so sweet of you to pay tribute to Alex by dressing as SuperAlex. JANE: It's a parody, not a tribute! BANNER: Happy Halloween! from Action Figure Diary

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(#131) Brian: Snow sculptures, part 1

(1) BRIAN: I call mine 'Mad Science.' ALEX: I call mine 'SuperAlex Saves the Day.'

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(#29) Alex: Your leafy reign of terror is over

(1) ALEX SAYS: Unhand them, you fiend! Your leafy reign of terror is over! ALEX THINKS: SuperAlex must act quickly to save the villagers from certain doom.

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(#13) Jane: A freak who’s too busy to bug me

I still think Alex is a freak for pretending to be a superhero, but at least he’s a freak who’s too busy to bug me. When he plays “SuperAlex,” he’s off in some private part of the house, lost in his delusions. That means he’s too busy to nag me about giving him a turn on the TV or computer.

The last time he put on the cape, he was so wrapped up in his weirdness that I had the TV to myself for two whole hours. Sweet! The more he lives in his stupid fantasy world, the less I have to share.

I wonder if there’s any way I can get Alex to put on his weird little cape more often.

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(#177) Jane: Who does that?!

I'm going to be in so much trouble. I've got to fix this before Trish and Joe find out.

Maybe they won't notice right away. I mean, Alex is a pretty weird guy. Maybe it will take a while for them to notice that he's acting weirder than usual.

It shouldn't be such a big deal! All I did was hit him in the head with a ball. I didn't even throw it that hard. How was I supposed to know that he would get all confused and think he's a superhero? Who does that?!

I can't let Trish and Joe find out about this before I fix it. They do that thing where they aren't mad, they're just disappointed. I can't let them be disappointed in me for something this big. I'll be grounded forever.

I know what I have to do.

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(#8) Jane: He’s a freak

Alex is sooo weird. Lisa and I walked in on him having one of his superhero fantasies again. What is wrong with that guy?

He has this sad little cape he made out of an old towel, and he wears it with a pair of red shorts. Then he climbs up on top of something and pretends he’s flying around and rescuing action figures.

This guy is so scared of cats and dogs that he hates going outside without a human—but he pretends to rescue everyone else. I just don’t get that.

I do know why he calls himself “SuperAlex” (the lamest superhero name ever). He’s a huge Superman fan. Don’t even try talking when Smallville is on. It’s so pathetic.

I don’t get the appeal of “boy scout” superheroes. Boooring. I like dark heroes, like Xena, Wolverine, and the Punisher. They’re not gonna just wag a finger and scold you, they will MESS YOU UP.

If I didn’t think it was so lame, I’d walk around the house pretending to be a dark hero. I would rule this house with an iron fist, and they would all be better off for it.

Oh, yeah. I would kick ass.

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(#125) Jane: Tag dodgeball advice

Q: My stepbrother hit me with a ball, tried to pretend it was part of a game called “tag dodgeball,” and then ran away to hide. What should I have done?

A: That’s an excellent--and timely--question. I believe that whether you’ve done right or wrong--you should own it. Xena taught me that.

If I hit someone with a ball, it’s almost always on purpose--because I have great aim--and I’m straight up about why I did it (“That’s for taping over my favorite show!”). If I did hit someone by accident, I would never, ever wimp out by pretending, hiding, or anything like that.

People who can’t own up to their actions have gone wrong and need to get back on track. I think Alex is a freak for wearing a cape and calling himself “SuperAlex,” but at least he owns it--I’ll give him that much.

I’m the sort of person who needs things to be even. If someone does something to me and I haven’t gotten them back yet, it eats away at me. If that sounds like you, you need to take some kind of action that helps you feel like things are even between you and your stepbrother. Then you can go back to doing fun stuff.

Q: I hit my stepsister with a ball, tried to pretend it was part of a game called “tag dodgeball,” and then ran away to hide. When she got back at me, it really hurt. Where did I go wrong?

A: Pretending and running away. See above.

* Send your question to Jane--or any of our other action figures--by filling out our Ask the Action Figures form.

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